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My name is Kokobutter. That's a nick name I use. I live in the Boston, MA area. I am currently working in IT.

 What is Kabaweb.com?

I wanted to create a site where I can dump all my notes from making websites and other cool geeky things Hence, I compiled as much as I can and am adding more. Its my personal site so take the information with a grain of salt. Everything I put up here worked for me and should work for you but it is not 100% guaranteed.

 How did you Make this Site?

Hmm...I was tempted to use Wordpress or some other Content Management solution but then I decided to create my own using Apache, Mysql, and PHP. That's AMP!. Technically its LAMP because this server is Linux. Whoops, what a Security bobo! I just gave a way some information that I shouldnt.

Here's how I look when not working on Kabaweb
Here's the nocturnal Kabaweb.

 What is a Kaba?

It means Hippopotamus in Japanese.
Kaba is an interesting play on words.

   Contact:  me (at) kabaweb.com
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